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In recent times Federated Farmers High Country has been strategically involved in several pest-related issues and was instrumental in bringing changes to the Biosecurity Act. Among other things, this saw the introduction of the “good neighbour” principle being applied to Government agencies.

Federated Farmers High Country represents the interests of South Island high country farmers through their industry group executive.

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We want your feedback on He Waka Eke Noa

Posted on 22/12/2021
Federated Farmers has recently finished a round of targeted consultation with our elected representatives up and down the country, and a webinar on the Draft Proposals for the He Waka Eke Noa pricing mechanism.

Rural Security Tips + Tricks Series CAMERAS

Posted on 7/12/2021
The most popular request for this series was on options for security cameras and where to start.

The He Waka Eke Noa (HWEN) Pricing Discussion Begins

Posted on 23/11/2021
The industry/government partnership working on how to encourage a reduction in on-farm greenhouse gas emissions has released a "draft engagement document" designed to get you thinking about a pricing mechanism for Agricultural Greenhouse gasses

High Country Policy Work

Thank you for your response!

Posted on 27/10/2021
We would like to thank all of you for your contribution to the Federated Farmers glyphosate survey for the EPA's call for information on glyphosate use.

Submission on proposed changes to the Low Slope Map Regulations 2020

Posted on 8/10/2021
While these changes address some concerns, they still do not go far enough. It would be impossible to establish a method of accurately identifying the land where the proportional environmental benefits out weigh the costs.

Te Kuiti Carbon Farming Presentation

Posted on 3/09/2021
Federated Farmers held a Carbon Farming Presentation in Te Kuiti on the 4th of August, with three guest panelists.

Submission on the Natural and Built Environments Bill: Parliamentary Paper

Posted on 11/08/2021
The Environment Select Committee is currently reviewing the Exposure Draft of the Natural and Built Environments Bill. FF lodged an extensive submission on the Bill as it is intended to be the primary replacement for the RMA.


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Tussock Talk

Tussock Talk

Posted on 28/06/2021


Regional Burning of Fallen Stock Rules

Posted on 7/12/2020
The below is a summary as at 20 July 2020, and it is based on our initial appraisal...

Regional Stock Burial Rules

Posted on 10/08/2020
The below is a summary as at 20 July 2020, and it is based on our initial appraisal...

Backrub - A Preventable Injury

Posted on 23/01/2020

Animal Welfare Regulations October 1 2018 Factsheet

Posted on 19/06/2019
A list of all the regulations that come into effect on October 1st 2018 and cover cattle, sheep, deer, goats and dogs are available in this fact sheet.

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