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  • Provide up to two nominated contacts access under this membership
  • Access to our specialised contracts and agreements at an 80% discount
  • Topical factsheets & guides form employment to RMA & industry
  • Access to the Remuneration Summary Report (Farming Salaries guide)
  • Access to our free legal & employment advice from qualified lawyers
  • Provide your feedback & have your say on regulation. Discuss policy with our team of experts via our 0800 number
  • Access to Policy Presents (our online interactive Policy Education Education webinar)
  • Rural Market Place to your inbox. An advertorial with exclusive member deals
  • Grassroots advice & support from our Sharemilking and Dairy Industry Executives
  • Provincial & Sector Group voting rights
  • The ability to network with the rural community through provincial executives to grow your business and engage with peers, industry leaders and professionals
  • Discount to PINZ (Primary Industry Summit)
  • You will join thousands of farmers in having a united voice reach all levels of government

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