Lifestyle Block Members

Annual Subscription $199 + GST

Federated Farmers is rural New Zealand's largest advocacy organisation offering a practical, pragmatic and practised approach to all levels of legislation. 
We believe the best time to influence is when the rules are being written. 

A membership with Federated Farmers keeps you informed of your responsibilities regarding rural land ownership and stock ownership, provides you with a voice, gets you involved more in what impacts rural New Zealand and provide you will ways to upskill your knowledge. 

What you get: 

- You will be registered in our system as a lifestyle block in the event of an Adverse Events. 
- You will have a dedicated Lifestyle co-ordinator to help answer your questions. 
- You will get access to specialised lifestyle contracts - formalising the handshake agreement. 
- You will get regular updates around compliance and regulations that impact your land. 
- Your voice will reach all levels of government; Local, Regional and National. 
- You will join a community with thousands of other rural Kiwi's. 

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