A new weapon will help in the Stink Bug battle

August 23, 2018

The addition of another weapon to fight any incursion of the Brown Marmorated Stink Bug on our shores is excellent news, Federated Farmers biosecurity spokesperson Karen Wiliams says.

“We’re delighted to learn the Environmental Protection Authority will allow controlled release of the tiny Samurai Wasp if this stink bug were ever to get a foothold here.

“The BMSB is a scourge that could put a multi-billion dollar hit on our economy.  For arable and horticulture farmers, a scenario where a breeding population could get established here is a nightmare,” Karen says.

Adult Samurai wasps are 1-2mm long and stink bug larvae are the preferred host for the female wasp to lay her eggs.  Studies overseas have shown that the Samurai can destroy over 70 percent of the eggs in a stink bug egg mass.

“Stringent biosecurity controls remain our best defence against the BMSB.  But the Samurai wasp is another tool we can employ, if this stink bug ever gets here, and this one is a biocontrol method from Mother Nature.  

“The more bases we can cover in our battle to keep New Zealand free of BMSB the better,” Karen says.