Feds backs withdrawal from government’s archaic pay agreement laws 

9 December 2021

Federated Farmers supports Business New Zealand’s decision to opt out of the government’s plans for it to be a partner in implementing so-called ‘Fair Pay’ agreements.

Federated Farmers has already indicated it will not function as a mediator for the government’s flawed pay negotiation scheme.

It fully supports Business New Zealand’s decision.
“We support them and for the same reasons they outline we will also refuse to be a negotiating partner for agricultural employers.

“We call on other agricultural organizations to take a similar stance,” employment spokesperson and national board member Chris Lewis says.

Federated Farmers has a long history of working with its members to ensure they are good employers, including by providing education programmes, up-to-date employment contracts and agreements and free helplines for legal advice and for employees needing support.

“This is what good associations do for their members.  They don’t stand by and let employers get dragged into hammering out unlawful and out-of-touch compulsory agreements,” Chris says.

For more information contact:   
Chris Lewis, 027 289 8942
Leigh Catley | GM Communications, Federated Farmers
Email: lcatley@fedfarm.org.nz, Mobile: +64 (0)27 241 4350