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New sheep shifting bylaw worries farmers

23 June 2022

Federated Farmers says a proposed new stock control bylaw from Tasman District Council will be impossible for farmers to comply with.

Federated Farmers Nelson provincial president Stephen Todd says the proposal for farmers to hold sheep 50 metres back from a road while they are shifting stock, until all cars have driven past, could end up being an unworkable joke.

"Farmers are going to think this is crazy. By the time the sheep get to the road, more cars could have come past, meaning the sheep have to be moved 50 metres away from the road again before they can cross. It could take all day to shift a mob and cause everyone, especially the sheep, a lot of stress.

"We’re talking about mainly remote rural roads, paid for mainly by rates on farm properties. Farmers need to use these roads."

Stephen is also worried the suggestion the new bylaw has a ‘no-poo’ requirement when shifting stock which is merely making rules for rules’ sake.

"There’s no need for this. It’s already covered by stock exclusion and freshwater management regulations.

Feds plans to make a submission to the council on the new bylaw.


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