Media Releases

Feds delighted to be part of successful eradication effort

Posted on 18/02/2020
A Wairarapa community-wide effort, backed by government, has achieved what is thought to be a biosecurity world first...

Understanding & support goes a long way to help farmers

Posted on 12/02/2020
Federated Farmers is pleased the government, and commercial operators like the ANZ bank, are aware of the struggles facing some farmers during extreme weather events around the country...

True gentleman in politics & agriculture will be missed by Feds

Posted on 11/02/2020
David Carter’s announcement of his intention to stand down at this election comes as no surprise to Federated Farmers, but it remains a sad loss to the New Zealand Parliament.

Fighter for free trade will be sorely missed

Posted on 3/02/2020
Many farmers will remember Mike Moore as a man who rolled up his sleeves to fight for global trade liberalisation and making things better for New Zealanders in general.


Reserve Bank cautious on dairy industry recovery
By Nick Clark

The financial system is still sound but housing, dairy, and bank funding costs remain key risks, according to the Reserve Bank’s latest six-monthly Financial Stability Report. Read more

Weevil win - we knocked the bastard off

Posted on 19/02/2020
As far as we know, no other country has eradicated pea weevil after an incursion.

Economic Week - February 14

Posted on 14/02/2020
Budget 'wellbeing' priorities are all very fine but they'll be hard to achieve if the economy doesn't deliver.


Brian Richards - Farming with Confidence

Posted on 21/08/2018
Marketing expert Brian Richards talks to farmers at this year's national conference.