May 22, 2020
In this week's Fed Talks we talk to Dan Hodgen, North Canterbury farmer and on our Federated Farmers Meat & Wool executive.

Surviving to thriving – Diary of a drought:

May 15, 2020
In this week's Fed Talks we discuss Gypsy day … The big Moove with Chris Lewis, Federated Farmers Dairy Chair.

“Half a school would move away; half a school would arrive…. once a year in dairy, you learnt to make friends really quickly.” Former dairy farming school child, Waikato.

The concept of ‘Gypsy Day’ is entrenched in New Zealand dairy farming, but to be honest some of us have no idea what Gypsy Day or as it now known Moving Day is, so we investigated.

May 1, 2020

In this week's Fed Talks podcast our very own YOLO Farmer, Golden Bay President Wayne Langford, joins us to talk about his latest venture: Meat The Need NZ, a charity that allows farmers to donate fresh meat to help feed New Zealand's most vulnerable. What started as a good idea in 2019 has finally become a real charitable supply chain, connecting farmers to food banks and other community organisations in need.

After starting with beef, Meat the Need can now accept deer, cattle and sheep for processing.

They have big plans!

 Join us as we speak with Federated Farmers vice president Andrew Hoggard about how our economy can recover from COVID-19. The importance of rural connectivity, and why small scale community water storage is essential.

Katie chats about connectivity and what it is to be an essential service during this lockdown period from her farm at Lake Brunner, West Coast.

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