Federated Farmers Business Support Services

Supporting Primary Industry Organisations

Federated Farmers NZ aims to support fellow Primary Industry organisations successfully achieve their objectives. By utilising our in-house knowledge and skills we want to help you operate efficiently and effectively.
If you don’t have the required resources or capabilities we can undertake work on your behalf based on your directions.

Federated Farmers provides business support in the following disciplines:
  • Management support
  • Financial support
  • Communications and promotions support
  • Policy and advocacy support
  • Administration support
Federated Farmers currently provide Business Support Services to the following organisations.

Fertiliser Quality Council

The New Zealand Fertiliser Quality Council aims to ensure farmers can be confident in purchasing quality fertiliser and having it accurately spread. Fertiliser Quality Council administer the accreditation schemes Fertmark and Spreadmark.

Philippa Rawlinson
Executive Director
E: prawlinson@fedfarm.org.nz

New Zealand Groundspread Fertilisers Association and New Zealand Groundspread Fertilisers Association Charitable Trust

New Zealand Groundspread Fertilisers Association aims to promote, protect and advance the commercial interests of members and to assist members on all industry matters relating to the distribution of bulk lime and fertilisers. They achieve this through promoting or opposing legislative or other measures affecting the business of members, promoting the industry interests of the distribution of bulk lime and fertilisers and creating a forum for the industry.

Melanie Dingle
Executive Director 
E: melanie@nzgfa.co.nz

Local Government Business Forum

The Local Government Business Forum was established in 1994 to promote greater efficiency in local government and to contribute to debate on policy issues affecting it.  The Forum's perspective is to advance community welfare through the advocacy of sound public policy. They believe that local government can best serve the interests of the community and ratepayers by focusing on the efficient provision of public goods at a local level. The Local Government Business Forum advocates policies that create a positive economic environment, recognising the significant role of local government in private investment decisions.

Nick Clark
E: nclark@fedfarm.org.nz

Herbage Seedgrowers’ Subsection of Federated Farmers

Herbage Seedgrowers’ Subsection of Federated Farmers is a part of the Arable Industry Group of Federated Farmers.  Herbage Seedgrowers’ interfaces with the trade on matters of interest and is responsible for encouraging and funding research into Herbage Seed issues. One role of the subsection is to look after the interest of the growers of Herbage Seed from a technical and political perspective. The group manages the Non-Proprietary Cultivar (NPC) seed levy on behalf of all growers.

Philippa Rawlinson
Executive Director
E: prawlinson@fedfarm.org.nz

Rural Communities Trust

The Rural Communities Trust (RCT) was formed to provide help for people in rural communities whose needs are impacted by rural isolation.  The Trust approves grants for individuals where their location impacts on their ability to access health and welfare services and activities such as sports, travel, accommodation or education. The trust also provides grants to rural community groups to ensure the maintenance, establishment and enhancement of services and facilities in rural communities.

Kaile Hill
Executive Administrator 
E: khill@fedfarm.org.nz 

Farmers Adverse Events Trust

The purpose of the Farmers Adverse Events Trust is to provide relief and assistance to farmers and farming families who have been subjected to suffering and loss as a consequence of adverse climactic events.

Patricia Forest
E: pforest@fedfarm.org.nz

Farmers Fighting Fund

The Farmers' Fighting Fund was established to attract pledges that are used to help fund legal battles that are potentially precedent setting. Individual farmers generally cannot afford to fight government, local bodies, well-heeled 'conservation' and lobby groups alone. Farmers Fighting Fund collects contributions assist farmers in these legal battles.

Patricia Forest
E: pforest@fedfarm.org.nz

Mohair NZ

Mohair’s goal is to grow New Zealand’s mohair industry, and keep producers up to date with the latest industry news and trends. The market for mohair is now hugely undersupplied. At its peak, worldwide mohair production reached $24 million kg per annum. Today it is just under $3 million kg. This supply shortage means that the return on mohair is now about 3 times higher than sheep’s wool — a huge opportunity for anyone wishing to enter the industry.

Sophie Smyth
Industry Policy Administrator
E: ssmyth@fedfarm.org.nz

Nuffield Scholarship Trust

A Nuffield Scholarship is New Zealand's most respected and prestigious award in the Primary Industry sector. Nuffield Scholarships have been awarded to more than 140 emerging leaders in New Zealand over the past 60 years. Each year up to five scholarships are awarded to individuals who are identified as future leaders in the sector and industry. Those selected are expected to assume position of greater influence in their field in the future. A Nuffield Scholarship provides an opportunity to examine, energise and focus professional and leadership skills. Scholars become part of an international programme and provides a national and international network of friends and colleagues for life.

Patricia Forest
E: pforest@fedfarm.org.nz