Biosecurity responses - Partnership with MPI and Funding

Since 2011 MPI has been seeking to establish a working partnership with industry for improving New Zealand’s biosecurity.  The partnership is called GIA (Government Industry Agreements for Biosecurity readiness and response).  Seventeen industry organisations have joined GIA.  Last year DairyNZ, Beef+LambNZ, DCANZ, MIA and the Deer Industry (DINZ) sought and gained a mandate to join GIA. DCANZ and MIA have joined.

In June 2017 as a condition of seeking mandate to join GIA, the Livestock Sector Council that comprises livestock farmer and processor organisations including Federated Farmers, sought and achieved a detailed written agreement from MPI on key arrangements for the how livestock diseases, and forage pest and disease, responses would be handled and funded under GIA.

Under GIA industry (dairy and beef farmers) would fund 12.8%, 19.2%, 19.2%, 25.6%, 25.6% and 32% of the total Mycoplasma bovis response costs over the next 6 years respectively.  These costs shares are based on Cabinet agreed criteria and a funding matrix agreed to between MPI and the Livestock Sector Council in 1 June 2017 (more than a month before Mycoplasma bovis was first found). The industry were therefore dismayed when we were informed by MPI and the Minister that neither 12.8% nor 19.2% was enough and that they required 40% from industry.

Industry shares are calculated from Cabinet agreed permanent 20% “Exacerbator Contribution” and reducing Transitional discounts from the Crown (refer “Cost Sharing under GIA”) and GIA Mandating terms agreed to between industry and MPI on 1 June 2017 (refer table on Page 6 of “Livestock Sector GIA Mandating terms”)

GIA letter and reply - MPI
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Cost sharing under GIA
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