Federated Farmers Proposed New Zealand - European Union Free Trade Agreement

Federated Farmers has had a long history of supporting efforts to liberalise trade and reduce trade barriers. The Federation has also urged producers in other countries to embrace trade liberalisation, drawing on New Zealand farmers’ experiences since the 1980s reforms. Not only is free trade beneficial from the perspectives of economic efficiency and welfare, but it provides greater consumer choice, liquidity in markets, greater opportunities for partnerships and the further development of domestic, regional and global value chains, providing a boost to the global economy.

Federated Farmers supports the proposed FTA with the EU. We believe a comprehensive, high quality agreement that includes the elimination of all tariff and non-tariff barriers for agricultural products will be positive for both farmers and the agriculture industry in NZ and the EU.

Summary of Recommendations

(a) Negotiations for a free trade agreement with the European Union should proceed as soon as possible; and

(b) Negotiations should provide for a free trade agreement that is high quality, comprehensive and commercially meaningful and eliminates tariff and non-tariff barriers for agricultural products.

NZ EU Free Trade Agreement
(Adobe PDF File)