Federated Farmers Submission on a call for more information on a potential reassessment of selected organophosphates and carbamates used as active ingredients in veterinary medicines or pesticides

The focus of the potential reassessment is on the remaining approved substances containing bendiocarb, chlorpyrifos, chlorvenfinphos, coumaphos, fenitrothion, maldison, methomyl, pirimiphos methyl, propetamphos, propoxur, temephos or tetrachlorvinphos, as the active ingredient. While this submission comes with no recommendations, it does provide information which the EPA will be able to use as it develops the reassessment processes for the remaining substances outlined in 1.2.

We consider the chemical companies will be able to provide specific information sought by the EPA on such things as the formulation of each product, active ingredients, toxicological and/or eco-toxicological concerns in the active ingredients. Federated Farmers is able to provide general information provided by farmers on use rates, frequency of use, personal protective equipment worn, the benefits of the substance and the possible effects of the product becoming unavailable.