Brief Submission Telecommunications (Property Access and Other Matters) Amendment Bill

Federated Farmers of New Zealand broadly supports in principle the amendments to the Electricity Act 1992 sought by Northpower Limited. As we understand these amendments they are intended to facilitate the laying of fibre cables along existing regional power line structures; in particular to amend the definition of “existing works” in the interpretation of the Act to incorporate fibre, and the requirement to provide break-out points to every land parcel crossed; the fibre would be run in the existing electrical clearance spaces such that the new works would not interfere with any existing clearances on farm.

The Federation however retains significant concerns as to the valuable property rights that would be surrendered under Northpower Limited’s proposal, which in effect seeks to utilise private land for commercial purposes. We are of the view that private landowners require adequate consideration for this to be an enduring solution for the fibre network, and are concerned that the consideration offered by Northpower Limited in their proposal falls short of this objective.

Please see the document for the full submission.