Federated Farmers Submission to the Tax Working Group

Federated Farmers supports New Zealand’s current ‘broad-base low-rate’ tax system and its adherence to well-established principles of good taxation.  Generally speaking, farmers are satisfied with the current tax system and consider it to be fair.   New Zealand has relatively low tax compliance costs by international standards and we congratulate successive governments for their work to achieve this. Any Tax Working Group proposals to change the tax system should be assessed against the above principles and consistency with the need to retain a broad-base low-rate system with low compliance costs. They should also be fiscally neutral – the revenue raised by any new tax or increase in an existing tax should be offset by reductions in other taxes.  We oppose new taxes proposed, such as a capital gains tax, land tax, and environmental taxes.

Please see the full submission for more. We have also attached our supporting information that informed our submission.