Rural Connectivity Survey 2020

Exploring the State of Telecommunications across Rural New Zealand

The quality of connectivity in rural areas has long been a persistent topic of frustration for many of our farmer members in various parts of the country. Year-on-year we are observing incremental improvements in rural connectivity for farmers across the country. At the same time, many of our members continue to be frustrated in how they have seen connectivity improve for their friends and neighbours, while they themselves continue to suffer slow internet connections, poor mobile coverage of the farm, or unreliable landline phone connections.

Results from the Federated Farmers of New Zealand Rural Connectivity Survey 2020 have identified a number of locations requiring attention and investment to address the worse aspects of rural telecommunications right now. In particular, the report presents a number of maps that separately identify where in New Zealand there are poor internet connections to the farm, poor mobile coverage of the farm, poor mobile reception on farm, and poor landline connections to the farm. The report also presents a map that identifies those parts of the country where farmers suffer poor or no overall quality of any telecommunications service.

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