Submission on the Biosecurity (Information for Incoming Passengers) Amendment Bill

Federated Farmers generally supports the Bill as a measure to strengthen New Zealand’s biosecurity position.

Federated Farmers has previously sought regulation of airlines in broadcasting biosecurity videos for all incoming passengers to New Zealand.

Federated Farmers notes that this Bill applies to “craft” entering New Zealand, meaning that this would also cover travel into New Zealand by sea, as well as air, as per section 2 of the Biosecurity Act 1993. We are supportive of this extension.  

Federated Farmers submits that receiving messaging about biosecurity measures can serve as a needed “memory trigger” for incoming passengers. Remoteness is one of New Zealand’s best defences against biosecurity breaches. However, this distance can mean that the length in time taken to arrive can cause even those well-aware of New Zealand’s biosecurity requirements to lapse in judgment.  

Federated Farmers notes the ease of which incoming passengers can find themselves in breach of New Zealand’s biosecurity measures at the border and have received anecdotes of members finding themselves unwittingly in this position. Our members are fully alive to the importance of biosecurity and the impact this could have on their growing and farming operations. Our members note that it is all too easy for passengers to forget the piece of fruit they were given on the aircraft and only be reminded once they were in front of New Zealand border staff.  
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