Submission on the Trade, Environment and Climate Change Framework

Federated Farmers supports the recommendation of the TFAB to re-examine New Zealand’s trade, environment and climate change framework given the two decades it has been in operation. 

Federated Farmers has had a long and proud history of supporting efforts to liberalise trade and reduce trade barriers. The Federation has also urged producers in other countries to embrace trade liberalisation, via fora such as the Cairns Group Farm Leaders (CGFL) and the World Farmers Organisation (WFO). 
Despite being a small, geographically-isolated country international trade matters deeply to New Zealand. New Zealand does not and cannot produce everything we want to consume and enjoy. What we get from our exports helps us pay for the goods and services we import. Today’s prosperity has been built on centuries of international trade. 

Federated Farmers is also committed to ensuring that the production of New Zealand food and fibre products occurs in an environmentally sustainable manner. We are committed to both promoting the great work to improve environmental outcomes already occurring on New Zealand farms, while also supporting our members to be even better for the environment. 
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