Banking Survey - November 2023

This report shows the results of the November 2023 Federated Farmers’ Banking Survey. This is the twentieth iteration of the survey since it began in 2015. Since late 2016 it has been conducted biannually, in May and November. 

The Banking Survey is designed to investigate the level of satisfaction and support the farming community receives from their banks. 

It reports farmers’ debt levels and interest rates for mortgages and overdrafts; farmers’ perceptions of overall relationship satisfaction, undue pressure, impacts on mental wellbeing, the quality of communication, and changes in lending conditions; and the robustness of farmers’ approaches to budgeting now and in the future. 

This survey is an important tool for understanding trends and opinions towards banking amongst our members. It provides vital information about financial factors that may influence the business of farming and farmer wellbeing.

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Nick Clark
Group Manager National Policy