Up to $100 million has been allocated from the Provincial Growth Fund to provide significant levels of funding (80-100%) for fencing of waterways and associated works such as culverts, causeways, riparian planting and stock water reticulation (but not for erosion control).  If you have or know of a programme that is ready to go then get an application in. This is a good opportunity for established catchment groups to apply – or for groups of farmers to form a catchment group and get an application in.  

Projects will be assessed on three new criteria , immediate job creation, construction activity that will be underway within the 2 – 3 months, and a high degree of visibility to the community, to give the public confidence that renewed economic activity is underway.

Application information attached below.
Fencing of Waterways - EOI
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Fencing of Waterways - EOI_1
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