Federated Farmers Appeal on BoPRC Air Discharge Plan


  1. Federated Farmers has lodged an appeal on Bay of Plenty Regional Council Plan Change 13 (Air Quality) to the Regional Natural Resources Plan.
  2. Our appeal seeks amendments to specific policies, methods and rules to ensure that an appropriate and practical balance is struck between farming activities and non-farming communities regarding odours arising from day to day farming.
  3. Federated Farmers recognise the need to manage activities to maintain or protect air quality.  We recognise that some farming activities can have an impact on air quality.  However, we consider that it is fundamental that any consideration of discharges to air takes into account:

    • The location of the activity and the sensitivity of the receiving environment.
    • The frequency, intensity and duration of the discharge.
    • The reasonableness of the discharge (i.e. an objective as opposed to subjective assessment).
    • Existing lawfully established activities in the vicinity of the discharge.


  4. We recognise that there is a need for some regulation to protect air quality and, in our experience, the majority of farmers take responsibility for their environment.
  5. However, problems with the Bay of Plenty Regional Council’s decision include rules that give latitude to non-farming objections to farm-related odours, limitations on agrichemical spraying that increase triggering resource consent requirements, and proposals to limit burning of farm waste without putting effective alternative rural waste management and disposal services in place.
  6. The Bay of Plenty Regional Council decision on the Plan Change is available for download from the Regional Council website.
  7. Copies of our appeal, together with original submission and further submission on the BoP regional air plan are available to view here.