Northland Regional Council Regional Plan 

As a result of our earlier submissions and presentation of evidence at the Council hearings in 2018, we had some wins, including:

          a more generous permitted dairy shed water take (30m3/day - up from 20m3)

          being allowed to get rid of small mangroves from artificial watercourses and pastureland as a permitted activity

          being allowed to maintain free flow of water in rivers and streams as a permitted activity

          keeping small dams and land drainage a permitted activity

          Keeping a yearly amount of on-site refuse disposal a permitted activity in rural areas

From a farming perspective, there are still a number of deficiencies remaining in the plan, including rules around;

          stock exclusion from wetlands, lakes and rivers,

          earthworks and land cultivation,

          farm wastewater discharges,

          vegetation clearance.

Our appeal document is available to view here.

Any members wanting to join Federated Farmers as interested parties in support of our appeal are reminded that:

          Under section 274 of the Resource Management Act 1991, notice(s) of intention to join the appeal proceedings are required to be filed with the Environment Court with copies given to the Regional Council, and the respective appellant(s) within 15 working days of the initial appeal being filed, and

          Further copies of the Section 274 notice are required to be given to any other party that similarly joins the appeal proceedings within 5 working days of those other section 274 notices being filed, and

Information about the Environment Court’s process in this regard, including the payment of fees, is available on the Environment Court website.