Federated Farmers Submission on Marlborough District Council Draft Bylaws

Our members are deeply concerned by Council’s proposed amendments to the Traffic Bylaw.

Marlborough is an agricultural region; it’s history lies in primary production and predominantly, the pastoral industry, where moving stock between paddocks and droving stock along roads has been and still is in many cases, an integral part of farming in Marlborough.

The notion of having to apply for a permit every time this activity is to be undertaken, and the possibility of having to pay a fee (if Council was to introduce a fee to do so) has been met with great concern by our members, who feel that the proposed changes show little understanding for the realities of farming, and the nature of the Marlborough province.

Summary of Relief Sought

  • That the bylaw is amended to recognise that it only applies to local roads within the Marlborough District, and therefore the bylaw suitably reflects the issues or lackethereof with moving stock along a local road.
  • That a thorough assessment of the accidents and/or complaints involving stock being purposefully moved along or across local roads must be provided to all submitters in advance of the hearing.
  • That Council permit the movement of stock where basic safety features are applied.
  • That Council work with representatives of the farming community, industry, Council staff and Councillors to develop a list of basic safety features that would be required as part of the permitted stock movement.
  • That the requirement for written permission and any potential for introduction of a fee for the movement of stock is abolished.

For more information, see the full submission