Tukituki Plan Change Impacting Farmers

Federated Farmers writes to invite you to join us and fight against the Hawke’s Bay Regional Council’s proposed implementation of the Tukituki Plan Change.

The impact of this plan change could be the biggest challenge the CHB and wider Hawkes Bay community has faced in a generation, and could cost millions of dollars in implementation costs  and lost production.

The Plan Change decision was made by a Board of Inquiry independent from the Hawke’s Bay Regional Council. Federated Farmers are extremely concerned that it contains fundamental flaws which means both farmers and the Council find ourselves in a lose-lose situation that will have flow on effects for the whole community.

For farmers, their livelihoods are at stake, with whole families relying on these farms for income and the consequential effects on our rural communities. For the Council, implementing a flawed Plan Change means that it cannot achieve the desired outcomes.

Federated Farmers is asking the Council to fundamentally change its implementation proposal for the Tukituki Plan Change.

We have particular concerns about:

  1. The requirements which are driving farmers to apply for consent even when they already comply with their on-farm N limits, and risk onerous consent conditions or being declined.
  2. The use of an out-of-date version of Overseer to calculate the LUC Nitrogen Leaching Limits in Table 5.9.1Dwhich farmers have to meet . These limits need to be recalibrated using the same latest version of Overseer as is used to model current N leaching, to avoid comparing apples with oranges.
  3. Maintaining privacy and confidentiality of private farm information provided in consent applications.
  4. The need for reasonable and thorough guidelines for the Council making decisions on which consents are publically notified, and these guidelines need to be publically available.
  5. Ensuring reasonable consent terms are considered, up to the maximum allowable 35 years.

 You can help in the following ways:

  • Sign our petition asking the Council to fundamentally change its implementation proposal of the Tukituki Plan Change. The petition can be found at the bottom of this page.
  • Donate to our unique Tukituki fighting fund, which will be used only for Tukituki advocacy. 
  • Become a member of Federated Farmers. We have membership categories for lifestyle block owners, retired farmers, and rural service businesses, as well as for farm owners.

Aerial view of farms near the Waiapawa River and the Mangaonuku Stream,
within the Tukituki catchment.


Rhea Dasent

Senior Policy Advisor
T: 0800 327 646

Salli Baldock

Territory Manager Hawke's Bay
T: 0800 327 646
M:  021 521 230