Submission to the Ruapehu District Council on the Draft Long Term Plan 2021-2031

The submission is generally supportive of the Council’s approach to rates.  In particular we commended the Council on taking advantage of a range of income sources to pay for council activities therefore reducing reliance on rates revenue.  However, we did have some concerns about the information that was provided by the Council throughout the LTP process, namely, there seems to be a lack of transparency.  The Consultation Documents failed to provide breakdowns of the specific rating contributions, and therefore didn’t itemise the UAGC, capital value general rates and user targeted rates.  This makes it difficult for ratepayers to understand how rates are distributed throughout the district and essentially understand how their money is being spent.

We also made some comments on some of consultation topics, for example:
  • Township revitalisation: We believe that it is hard to see how the Council taking from ratepayers with one hand and giving back with another will create long lasting and sustainable communities, since that money will have to come from the same communities it is funding rather we consider that the key to town success is to have profitable farms and businesses which create demand for labour and services, entertainment and food services, particularly where the primary businesses are expanding or intensifying.
  • Land transport forestry targeted rate – change to the existing targeted rate:  We support the increase in the proposed 100% increase on the land transport rating line for forestry properties, however we consider that even with this increase the targeted rate is still miles off when compared to the road damage caused by the forestry sector.

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