Submission to the South Waikato District Council on fees and charges for 2022/23

Federated Farmers has recently submitted on the proposed fees and charges 2022/23 for the district.
Increases are proposed to transfer station charges for solid waste disposal, and for resource management charges to cover actual and reasonable costs of processing consents. Federated Farmers noted that the increases could not be justified through inflation alone. Given roadside dumping issues in South Waikato, we urged Council to find a balance between reduction of costs to incentivise correct disposal and not unfairly burdening general rate payers for a user pay service. We also recommended that the resource management charges framework is revised and changed from a singular charge out rate to a multi-disciplinary approach where expertise and time spent is better reflected in consent processing charges. This would also prove to be more consistent with other district Councils. Consultation closed on the 7th of April 2022. A public hearing will be held on 19th of May 2022, with decisions anticipated soon thereafter.

Our full submission can be reviewed on the right. 

Any further enquires, please contact Mary-Ann Mathis:
T: 027 239 6428