Waikato Region

Federated Farmers Waikato deals with six district councils, as well as the Waikato Regional Council and various rural industry organisations. The province questions and lobbies all aspects relating to what affects its farming communities. 

Whats been happening

Submission on the Hauraki District Council draft Annual Plan 2022/23

Posted on 1/06/2024
HDC is proposing to change the annual charge to rates per seperatly used or inhabited part (SUIP), rather than charging per rating unit.The change would see the Uniform Annual General Charge (UAGC) applied as a fixed charge per SUIP of a rating unit.

Submission to the South Waikato District Council on fees and charges for 2022/23

Posted on 28/04/2022
FF has submitted on the proposed fees and charges 2022/23. Increases are proposed to transfer station charges for solid waste disposal, and for resource management charges. FF noted that the increases could not be justified through inflation alone.

Submission on the Reshape Waikato, Representation Review

Posted on 26/08/2021
Federated Farmers have submitted on the Reshape Waikato, Representation Review. We are very disappointed rural communities have not been identified as ‘communities of interest’ in their own right. Our major areas of concern include the removal of

Submission to the Waipa District Council Representation Review

Posted on 1/10/2021
Federated Farmers has submitted to Waipa District Council on their Representation Review 2021 regarding how their representation is made up for the 2022 local government elections.