Changes to Temporary Work Visa Rules - A Summary

Posted on 17/10/2022
Factsheet regarding Changes to Temporary Work Visa Rules - A Summary

Employer Handbook

Posted on 16/09/2022
The Employer Handbook is a guide to assist you when employing someone on the Individual Employment Agreement.

Red Clover Moth

Posted on 15/09/2022
The red clover Case Bearer moth has recently been found in Auckland and Canterbury - for more information see this factsheet

Keep it Clean: Machinery hygiene guidelines and logbook to prevent the spread of pests and weeds

Posted on 15/09/2022
Machinery hygiene guidelines and logbook to prevent the spread of pests and weeds

Telecommunications and Land Access

Posted on 15/09/2022

Health and Safety - Managing Work Risks

Posted on 15/09/2022
WorkSafe Factsheets - How to manage work risks and defining reasonably practicable

Abandonment of Employment

Posted on 15/09/2022
Employment flowchart for the process on abandonment of employment.

Regional Stock Burial Rules

Posted on 15/09/2022
The below is a summary as at 20 July 2020, and it is based on our initial appraisal...

Feds Top 10 - Summer 2019

Posted on 15/09/2022
Our 28-strong policy and advocacy team, in partnership with your Board and national and provincial elected farm representatives, work tirelessly on your behalf. In 2018, nationally we submitted on about 70 proposals ranging from discussion documents

Good practice guidelines for the Welfare of Bobby Calves

Posted on 15/09/2022
DairyNZ good practice guidelines for the welfare of bobby calves

Genetic Modification

Posted on 15/09/2022
Federated Farmers position on Genetic Modification

Southland and Otago Winter Feed Management Toolkit

Posted on 15/09/2022
This toolkit has been prepared to give farmers options to minimise the impact of the wet 2019-2020 season

Animal Welfare Regulations October 1 2018 Factsheet

Posted on 15/09/2022
A list of all the regulations that come into effect on October 1st 2018 and cover cattle, sheep, deer, goats and dogs are available in this fact sheet.

Health and Safety - Small and Medium Businesses

Posted on 15/09/2022
Institute of Directors and WorkSafe Factsheet Health and Safety Leadership for Small and Medium Businesses

Contract Milking For Success Guide

Posted on 15/09/2022
Contract Milking for Success guide, includes webinar, take home message and the webinar FAQ's