National Policy Statements must be implemented by Councils through Regional and District Plans. This NPS covers ‘indigenous biodiversity’, which includes ecosystems, birds, plants, insects and other species that are special to New Zealand - our indigenous biodiversity. The NPSIB contains objectives and policies to identify, protect, manage and restore indigenous biodiversity, and specifies what Councils must do to achieve this.

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What's been happening

 Submission on Overseas Investment Forestry Amendment Bill
   Central government policies artificially encouraging forestry have been of growing concern to our farming members over recent years.
 Submission on the Natural and Built Environments Bill: Parliamentary Paper
   The Environment Select Committee is currently reviewing the Exposure Draft of the Natural and Built Environments Bill. FF lodged an extensive submission on the Bill as it is intended to be the primary replacement for the RMA.
 Summary of Federated Farmers Submission on the Proposed National Policy Statement on Indigenous Bio
   Submission on the proposed National Policy Statement for Indigenous Biodiversity’ and related documents, including ‘He Kura Koiora i hokia: A discussion document.
 National Policy Statement - Indigenous Biodiversity - submission advice
   Further to our previous updates on the National Policy Statement for Indigenous Biodiversity (NPS-IB) process, we now attach information on how to submit...
 Indigenous Biodiversity Survey
   Please help us to understand the potential impacts that the draft NPS- IBD could have on your property by taking the time to full out this short survey. There has been no cost analysis undertaken for this policy, so your input is extremely valuable.