Here at Federated Farmers, we recognize that biosecurity measures are not simply implemented at our borders, they encompass a framework of international treaties, readiness, surveillance, incursion response and pest management. 

Federated Farmers work in the Biosecurity sector ensures that policy regarding biosecurity is informed by science, economics, trade and environmental factors in which we work closely with Government and industry organisations to ensure that regulations are practical and fair to the farmers involved. We continue to play a central role in the New Zealand biosecurity system. 

What's been happening

Submission on Draft Code of Welfare for Deer

Posted on 21/09/2023
Federated Farmers is proud of New Zealand’s record on animal welfare, and we strongly support efforts to ensure best practice is followed by all owners and managers of animals, including farmers.

Submission on the Proposed National Organic Standard Consultation Document

Posted on 13/06/2023
Federated Farmers of New Zealand welcomes the opportunity to submit on MPI’s Consultation document on the proposed National Organic Standard discussion document.

Submission on Processed Animal Manure Products Draft Import Health Standard and Guidance Document

Posted on 30/09/2022
Federated Farmers opposes this Import Health Standard unless all our recommendations are met and the measures outlined adequately address the associated risks.