The recent Mycoplasma bovis and Myrtle Rust incursions, amongst other plant and animal pests, have highlighted the need for better biosecurity practices across the sector. We recognize that biosecurity measures are not simply implemented at our borders, they encompass a framework of international treaties, readiness, surveillance, incursion response and pest management. Moreover, we believe biosecurity is everyone's responsibility just as health & safety is, so we offer advice and support on effective biosecurity on and off-farm. 

Federated Farmers work in this sector ensures that policy regarding biosecurity is informed by science, economics, trade and environmental factors in which we work closely with Government and industry organisations to ensure that regulations are practical and fair to the farmers involved. We continue to play a central role in the new Zealand biosecurity system.

What's been happening

Mycoplasma Bovis Resources

Posted on 7/08/2018

Mycoplasma Bovis - Legal obligations

Posted on 8/06/2018
Following the government's announcement on 28 May 2018 that it will continue to attempt to eradicate Mycoplasma bovis from New Zealand

Movement restricted properties - permit for winter grazing movement

Posted on 31/05/2018
MPI has confirmed that it will fully support farmers whose properties have been placed under movement restrictions to move cattle to winter grazing.