Federated Farmers recognises that New Zealand has made a commitment to reduce its greenhouse gas emissions in accordance with the Paris Climate Agreement. We also understand that emissions from agriculture account for half of NZ's total emissions - our emissions profile is globally unique, and because of this, the way we design climate change policy is also unlike any other country in the world. We are working closely with Government as they implement their climate change agenda and were involved with working groups on climate change science, including the Biological Emissions Reference Group. Federated Farmers is a signatory to HE WAKA EKE NOA document which outlines the primary sector’s climate change commitment to reduce net on-farm emissions..  Read our submission on the Zero Carbon Bill below for a comprehensive understanding of our position on climate change and the ETS

For more, see our Methane Emissions Documents page here which has links and reports relating to this topic which are well worth a read

What's been happening

Submission on the ‘Deferral of NZ ETS Reporting Obligations For Animals – Farmer Activities’

Posted on 7/09/2023
Federated Farmers did not support the Government’s pricing agricultural emissions proposal as outlined in the October 2022 Ministry for the Environment and Ministry for Primary Industries 2022 Pricing Agricultural Emissions: Consultation Document.

Submission on: Review of the Emissions Trading Scheme

Posted on 11/08/2023
Federated Farmers believes Option 3 represents the best option to achieve climate goals sustainably for farmers and rural communities. Federated Farmers also believes that Option 4 could also be a good option if adequately implemented.

Submission on: A Redesigned NZ ETS Permanent Forest Category

Posted on 3/08/2023
Federated Farmers is pleased that the Government is no longer claiming that the suite of policies, particularly the NZ ETS, is not distorting land-use decision-making in favour of wholesale afforestation and is not resulting in perverse outcomes.

Climate Change Contact

Macaulay Jones

Policy Advisor
M: 021 571 853

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