Economics and Trade

Agriculture accounts for almost half of New Zealand's total exports, so we maintain a close interest in domestic and international economic policies that affect our farmers, working hard to ensure that all policy should promote sustainability, productivity, innovation and global competitiveness.  We regularly comment on the economy and we hold positions on fiscal policy, taxation, monetary policy, regulatory policy, banking, overseas investment, and trade policy.  

What's been happening

Submission on Tax Administration in a Digital World

Posted on 31/03/2022
Federated Farmers of New Zealand welcomes the opportunity submit to Inland Revenue on its officials’ issues paper on Tax Administration in a Digital World.

Submission on budget Policy Statement 2022

Posted on 26/04/2022
Federated Farmers of New Zealand welcomes the opportunity to submit to the Finance & Expenditure Select Committee on the Budget Policy Statement 2022.

Submission on the Reforming industrial allocation in the NZ Emissions Trading Scheme consultation

Posted on 17/09/2021
The Federation supports industrial allocation (IA) as a means of reducing the risk of the NZ ETS price driving emissions intensive trade exposed (EITE) firms, their production, and their associated emissions overseas.

Economics & Trade Contacts

Nick Clark

Manager General Policy

M: 027 217 6731

Macaulay Jones

Policy Advisor

M: 021 571 853

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