Environmental Policy

Policy regarding New Zealand's natural environment is as broad as it is complex. It also underpins many other sectors Federated Farmers are involved in, including employment, biosecurity, economics & trade and climate change. Farming within the framework of the RMA can be a real challenge for farmers, so our work is based on ensuring that the social, environmental and economic aspects of agriculture are understood and given a fair deal. 

Whats been happening

National Environment Standard - Plantation Forestry

Posted on 20/04/2018
Federated Farmers Submission for National Environment Standard - Plantation Forestry

Resource Management Bill Submission

Posted on 15/11/2019
Last week, Federated Farmers submitted on the Resource Management Amendment Bill (“the Bill”). The RMA is important for our members. Through plans and resulting rules, it impacts on most farm activities and actions, so we need to ensure changes are

Winter Grazing - Early intervention registration and best practice tools

Posted on 3/06/2020
How to register concern over winter grazing practices, find out more about the early intervention team and best practice winter grazing resources

Essential Freshwater: Action for healthy waterways

Posted on 30/09/2020
Essential Freshwater: Action for healthy waterways – A discussion document on national direction for our essential freshwater.

Fire - Understanding Fire Seasons

Posted on 6/10/2020
Understanding fire seasons...

Environment Contacts

Paul Le Miére

Regional Policy Manager North Island
M: 027 617 1796

Kim Reilly

Regional Policy Manager South Island
M: 021 887 537

The Federated Farmers style for staff and elected officials’ email addresses is – first initial surname@fedfarm.org.nz e.g. fdagg@fedfarm.org.nz