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Banking survey opens today - We need your help

Posted on 9/11/2020
Welcome to the first Federated Farmers Banking Survey for November 2020...

Please take our short Adverse Events survey

Posted on 21/10/2020
Adverse events are happening more often: flooding, drought, fire, earthquakes, biosecurity events such as pea weevil and Mycoplaama bovis, the list goes on....

Feedback on draft Rotorua Climate Action Plan

Posted on 16/10/2020
Federated Farmers does not support the draft plan for a number of reasons. It does not look like it was developed with any input from representatives of the agricultural industry Essentially, we think the draft plan over-reaches in many ways.

Submission on the regulation of inhibitors used in agriculture

Posted on 6/10/2020
Federated Farmers has a keen interest in the regulation of inhibitors, given the need for farmers and the primary sector to develop cost-effective mitigations, particularly for greenhouse gas emissions and the impacts of nutrient loss on freshwater (

Fire - Understanding Fire Seasons

Posted on 6/10/2020
Understanding fire seasons...