Infrastructure is critical for economic growth and social wellbeing.  Transport, energy, communications are all reliant on infrastructure. 

New Zealand has particular infrastructure challenges due to the distribution of its small population and its challenging geography and topography.  This requires considerable investment and ongoing costs.

Federated Farmers supports increased investment in infrastructure and for that investment to be efficient and cost effective.  However, that’s balanced by the need for landowners hosting infrastructure to be fairly compensated for loss of property or an impairment of their property rights. 


What's been happening

Submission on Supporting Sustainable Freedom Camping in Aotearoa New Zealand

Posted on 17/05/2021
Federated Farmers acknowledges that tourism is an important contributor to new Zealand's economy...

Electricity Factsheets

Posted on 5/05/2021
Federated Farmers Factsheets for Working With Electricity Companies

Submission on the Water Services Bill

Posted on 2/03/2021
We have mixed views on this Bill. We have significant concerns with the drinking water provisions which we believe may well have a deleterious impact on small rural water supplies...

Infrastructure Contacts

Jacob Haronga

Senior Policy Advisor
T: 04 494 9194

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