Submission on the Transitioning to low-emissions & climate-resilient future discussion document

New Zealand farmers are justifiably proud of being the most climate efficient food and fibre producers in the world.

Submission on: Petition of Steve Abel on Behalf of Greenpeace

Federated Farmers does not support the petition request to ban all synthetic nitrogen by 2024.

Submission on proposed wetland definition changes

Federated Farmers of New Zealand Deer Industry NES wetland submission

FFNZ response to EPA’s call for information on glyphosate: summary for website

In early 2021, the Environmental Protection Authority (EPA) called for information from users, suppliers and producers of glyphosate products on how this agrichemical was being used in New Zealand.

Submission on proposed changes to the Low Slope Map Regulations 2020

While these changes address some concerns, they still do not go far enough. It would be impossible to establish a method of accurately identifying the land where the proportional environmental benefits out weigh the costs.

Submission on Managing Intensive Winter Grazing

The government has proposed loosening a number of provisions, which FF's supports, but there are still some areas where the intensive winter grazing regulations require further work.

Submission on the Freshwater Farm Plan Regulations

FF's key concern is that there is insufficient detail in the discussion document to really understand what is being proposed and, where it does seem to be clear, it appears these plans will be overly burdensome on farmers.

Submission to the Hastings Representation Review 2021

Rural people value local democracy and Federated Farmers submitted that elected representation on the Hastings District Council is vital, and supported the retention of the ward-basis for elections. We are not opposed to the increase in councillors

Submission to the Hawkes Bay Representation Review 2021

Federated Farmers submitted seeking to preserve the councillor for the Mohaka-Wairoa constituency, which is at risk because the removal of Maori Roll voters leaves only 5,691 General Roll voters left.

Submission to the Waipa District Council Representation Review

Federated Farmers has submitted to Waipa District Council on their Representation Review 2021 regarding how their representation is made up for the 2022 local government elections.

Gisborne District Council Representation Review Initial Proposal

Federated Farmers feedback represents the views of approximately three hundred local farming members and rate payers. We gently remind GDC of this so that our members’ representation views, expressed here, are weighed appropriately.

Federated Farmers submission to Northland Regional Councils representation review

Federated Farmers has submitted to Northland Regional Council on their representation review 2021. We have concerns around rural representation and the significant area that both the Far North and Kaipara Councillors represent.

Federated Farmers submission to Whangarei District Councils representation review

After deliberation, Council decided to deviate from their initial proposal to have all councillors taken from At Large. Federated Farmers will join the appeal process as we have concerns around rural representation being lost from the district.

Submission on the Reforming industrial allocation in the NZ Emissions Trading Scheme consultation

The Federation supports industrial allocation (IA) as a means of reducing the risk of the NZ ETS price driving emissions intensive trade exposed (EITE) firms, their production, and their associated emissions overseas.

Submission to the Bay of Plenty Regional Council on Proposed Plan Change 5

Federated Farmers has submitted on the BOPRC Proposed Plan Change 5, Kaituna River. We are concerned that the plan change will unjustly prohibit farmers from using the Kaituna River for certain farming provisions.

Federated Farmers submission on Far North District Councils Solid Waste bylaw

Federated Farmers submitted to council on their solid waste Bylaw. In short, we sought for the inclusion of permitted pathways for livestock, pets and permitted farm waste to be exempt from the bylaw among other conditions.

Submission to Kaipara District Council on their initial comments for their District Plan review

We have provided comments on every discussion document and have reached out to council for early consultation on the draft plan.

Submission on NZs approach to the 2021 international climate change negotiations

The Federation has a long history of engaging in climate policy both in New Zealand and internationally.