Submission on Hurunui District Council Proposed Plan Change 4

The specific provisions of the proposal that my submission relates to, and the decisions Federated Farmers seeks from Council, are detailed on the following pages....

Feedback on draft Rotorua Climate Action Plan

Federated Farmers does not support the draft plan for a number of reasons. It does not look like it was developed with any input from representatives of the agricultural industry Essentially, we think the draft plan over-reaches in many ways.

Submission on the regulation of inhibitors used in agriculture

Federated Farmers has a keen interest in the regulation of inhibitors, given the need for farmers and the primary sector to develop cost-effective mitigations, particularly for greenhouse gas emissions and the impacts of nutrient loss on freshwater (

Marlborough Policy Update 2020

Policy update presented to the Marlborough AGM 2020...

Submission on Waimakariri District Council Draft Annual Plan - Consultation Document

We submitted last month on the Council’s draft Annual Plan and urged the Council not to increase its rates for the coming year, if at all possible.

Submission on Selwyn District Council Draft Annual Plan 2020/21 Consultation Document

Federated farmers submission to Selwyn District Council Draft Annual Plan 2020/21 Consultation Document

Hawkes Bay TANK Plan Change 9

The Hawkes Bay TANK Plan Change 9 has been notified and is currently open for submissions. Here you can find a brief summary of the main points and how to submit your opinion.

South Taranaki District Council- Annual Plan feedback

We thank the STDC for their outstanding efforts on their Annual Plan budgets this year, which include freezing rates and fees/charges to reduce the economic impact of Covid19 on the community.

Submission to Otago Regional Council Plan Change 7

The Otago Regional Council Plan Change 7 (Water Permits) deals with both the replacement of deemed permits and the replacement of expiring water permits that expire before 31 December 2025...

Whanganui Annual Plan- Submission 2020/21

Submission on the WDC Annual plan 2020-21. We oppose their plan to reduce the Uniform Annual General Charge, but we thank them for reducing their average rates increase from those originally proposed.

Submission to Stratford District Council-Annual Plan 2020/21

Federated farmers submission on the Stratford District Council Annual Plan 2020/21.We asked why proposed rates rises for farmers are so much higher than the district average, and argued that bare run-off blocks shouldn’t attract the ‘separately used

Hawkes Bay Tukituki Plan Change 6

Register to join the Tukituki Consent Framework so we can help you put together a practical and robust consent application as soon as the pandemic is over.

Submission to Matamata-Piako District Council on the Draft Annual Plan 2020/2021

This plan will impact what activities you can do on farm.

Masterton District Council- Annual Plan 2020/21

The draft Annual Plan includes proposals for average rates increases of nearly 7% for farmer ratepayers. We stress in the strongest terms that rate increases of this magnitude are not appropriate or affordable in the current situation Federated F

Submission on The EU-NZ Free Trade Agreement Negotiations: Protection of Geographical Indications...

Federated Farmers supports the negotiations underway toward a potential EU-NZ FTA and we understand that measures to establish a more substantive framework for Geographic Indications (GIs) are a necessary but not sufficient component of completing su

PC7- Outstanding Waterbodies

The HBRC has identified 38 waterbodies as meeting the criteria to be "outstanding". These encompass a number of large water bodies including the Heretaunga aquifer and all five major HB rivers. This suggests the threshold for "outstanding" is too low

Submission to the Stratford District Council on the Draft Rates Remission policy 2020

We argued against Stratford’s proposed deletion of rates remission policies for landowners whose land has biodiversity values.