Taranaki Federated Farmers Essential Freshwater Province Submission

Federated Farmers of Taranaki Action for healthy waterways – A discussion document on national direction for our essential freshwater

Resource Management Bill Submission

Last week, Federated Farmers submitted on the Resource Management Amendment Bill (“the Bill”). The RMA is important for our members. Through plans and resulting rules, it impacts on most farm activities and actions, so we need to ensure changes are

Selwyn Stock Droving bylaw changes

Selwyn District Council is proposing a range of changes to its current bylaw on stock droving and Feds wrote a submission on behalf of its Selwyn members

Submission on Priority Product Declaration and Priority Stewardship Scheme Guidelines

Proposed priority products and priority product stewardship guidelines -Consultation Document 2019

Greater Wellington Proposed Natural Resources Plan

Federated Farmers Documents for the Greater Wellington Proposed Natural Resources Plan