Federated Farmers Auckland represents farmers within the Auckland Council area and part of Environment Waikato's area. These are made up from the former Rodney and Papakura District Council areas, the Waitakere, North Shore, Manukau and Auckland City Council areas, and northern part of the former Franklin District Council area.

We are split into two sub-provinces. North of the Harbour Bridge is Rodney, and south is Franklin. Although the province includes New Zealand's largest urban area, more than 80 percent is still rural and consists of diverse types of production. While you work your farm, Auckland Province works with regulators on issues that affect your business.

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Alan Cole

Craig Maxwell
Vice President

Robert Cashmore
Meat & Wool Chairperson

Rosemarie Costar
Dairy Chairperson 

Anna Noakes
Richard Gardner
Minute Secretary
Robert Cashmore
Meat & Wool Vice Chairperson 
John Glasson
Rodney sub-provincial Chair

Bruce Cameron
Franklin sub-provincial Chair
Rosemaire Costar
Franklin sub-provincial Vice Chair
Louise Ford
Young Farmers Rep
John Sexton
Animal Health Board Rep
Bruce Parris
Animal Health Board Rep
Leeann Morgan
Field Representative

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Wendy Clark
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Colin Hannah
Rural Support Trust North 

Hi All

Last week I was invited to speak at the Local Government New Zealand Conference in Wellington, as part of a panel discussion on fresh water. There were several hundred people in the room and the key points I made were around fresh water quality is a whole of NZ issue not just rural waterways, and whilst farmers wanted to be part of the solution (rather than continually vilified for being the problem), we haven’t had any participation in the various groups pulled together in the Essential Freshwater discussion. As part of the Q & A which followed there were questions around do we have too many cows which unfortunately is still the view of many urban, rather than how we can manage our farms sustainably. Food security is not an issue that resonates well either. New Zealand has never had an issue with food shortages unlike Europe. It is countries like New Zealand who have the ability to feed more than its population (by a factor of 10) who have the ability to produce some of the most efficient food products and deliver it to the world - unlike Japan for example, who have to import 86% of its food needs.

Next week I am speaking at the ExportNZ Central conference about primary industry exports. I am expecting a much more supportive crowd since agriculture dominates our export led economy and a lot of great things are happening in growing value over volume.

Meetings of note from the past week – Please note I had a couple of leave days last week and therefore a shorter list than usual:

  • As discussed, I spoke at the LGNZ conference at farmers perspective around freshwater. A big thanks to Ewan Kelsall for helping put together the presentation.
  • I met with Nick Leggett, CEO of the Road Transport Forum, to begin a regular dialogue of issues affecting each organisation and what joint positions we may be able to take.
  • I presented a strategic overview to the New Provincial Presidents Induction programme.
  • I met with Minister Julie Anne Genter to discuss the Governments position on Electric Vehicles announced last week. I pointed out the lack of ability for farmers to adopt this technology on farm and the lack of charging facilities in rural New Zealand. Whilst we are supportive of efforts to reduce CO2 emissions, this inevitable taxing of farmers to achieve it is yet another cost to be piled onto our members to help urban make a difference.

Kind regards


Hi All,

Over the past week, I have been to two major events on the rural calendar which have had great impact and profile for our industry. The first being last week’s inaugural Primary Industries NZ Summit in Wellington, and then this past weekend I attended the Grand Final of the FMG Young Farmer of the Year. I thoroughly enjoyed both events, it was really great to meet with members, industry delegates and commercial representatives at the PINZ Summit in a forum which projected collaboration and a desire to make our sector vibrant, successful and future proofed. There was a huge buzz in the room after hearing from some amazing international speakers - providing both challenges and opportunities. I especially enjoyed the panel discussions by people that are in thick of it and speaking from experience and a position of strength. A big thank you to my staff, Conferenz and Te Papa for making this a memorable event. With election year next year, the 2020 PINZ Summit will go from strength to strength.

I also had the chance to go to FMG Young Farmer of the Year in the Hawkes Bay with the sole ambition of revelling in the showcase of excellence and celebrating the achievements of some very talented young people who will be our future leaders. Extra special to see the winner, James Robertson, be crowned the 51st Young Farmer of the Year at the young age of 22 – which is the youngest winner ever. He also represents the new breed of winner – those that have been engaged with the Young Farmer movement at school. He was part of the winning pair who won the TeenAg (now Junior Young Farmer) title in 2013. From a passionate farming family in the Waikato, the BComAg graduate is now working in the international markets section at Fonterra in Auckland. James is highly articulate, relatable, and will be a great ambassador for us in the urban space.

Recent meetings I have attended:

  • The Board and I met with Pekka Pesonen, the Secretary General of Copa Cogeca; and agricultural lobby group directly representing 23 million European farmers and more than 70 national farm organisations in Europe. He was in NZ for a week meeting with various agencies, groups and industry.
  • I met with Bill Cashmore, Deputy Mayor of Auckland to get an understanding of current rural issues affecting Council.
  • I met with Kelvan Smith, Independent Chair of the M Bovis GIA as part of a bi-monthly catch up to understand work in progress.
  • Katie Milne, Ewan Kelsall, Macaulay Jones, Paul Le Miere and I met with the 5 National Party environment MP’s (led by Scott Simpson, assisted by Todd Muller, Nathan Guy, Sarah Dowie, and Erica Stanford). A good opportunity to discuss their environment policy discussion paper.
  • Graham Hill and I met with Greg Campbell (CEO of Ravensdown), Darren Wilson (CIO of AsureQuality), and Mark McHardy (Director of External Relations of Farmlands) further our commercial opportunities.

Kind regards