Representing Marlborough farmers

Federated Farmers Marlborough represents local farmers' views at one district council and one regional council. The main issues in our province are to do with the impact of the economy, especially the last ten years of downturn. This leads onto problems with water availability, the level of rates and the Resource Management Act.

Federated Farmers Marlborough stands up on issues that affect farmers and their businesses. We are also very concerned about the low returns that farmers are getting for their products and are leaving no stone unturned in our campaign for fairer prices.

Locally we have a good relationship with the Marlborough District Council and we have also directly taken issues to central government. If your issue is property rights, the profitability of farming, rates, the Resource Management Act or any other farming issue then Federated Farmers is your advocate.

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Marlborough Provincial Executive

Members click here for contact details or phone 0800 327 646 for assistance.

Evan White


Richard Dawkins

Vice President and
Meat & Wool Chair


Glenda Robb

Provincial Support


Chris Dawkins



Chris Bird

Executive Member


Greg Woolley

Executive Member


Gary Barnett


Cath Baker

Deputy Meat & Wool Chair

Hamish Morrison

Dairy Chair

Cath Baker

Arable Chair

Chris Dawkins

Forestry Chair

Gregory Woolley


Angela Johnston

Senior Policy Advisor, High Country

Harry Matthews

Field Representative