Representing Nelson farmers

Federated Farmers Nelson represents local farmers' views at one district council, one city council and one combined council.

The main issues in our province are to do with Bio-diversity, Significant Natural Habitats, the level of rates and the interpretation of the Resource Management Act.
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Nelson Provincial Contacts


Stephen Todd

M: 021 773 407
E: [email protected] 


Brian Dineen

Dairy Chair
T: 03 523 9313
M: 021 117 0949
E: [email protected]


Kerry Irvine

Meat & Wool Chair
T: 03 522 4244
M: 027 543 5424
E: [email protected]


Sue Brown

Executive Member
T: 03 524 8038
M: 027 829 5146
E: [email protected] 


Rachel Fraser

T: 03 543 8193
E: [email protected] 


Eloise Martyn

Provincial Secretary
M: 020 4184 2546
E: [email protected] 

Harry Matthews

Provincial Sales & Engagement Advisor
T: 0800 327 646
M: 027 507 8901

Committee members

Julie Robilliard                
Tim Robilliard
Barbara Stuart
Les Hollyman



Link Members

Jenny Ridgen    
MPI Committee Liaison
 [email protected] 
Richard Kempthorne               
Rural Support Trust Committee Liaison    
Barbara Stuart
Rural Women NZ Committee Liaison
 [email protected]
The Federated Farmers style for staff and elected officials’ email addresses is – first initial [email protected] e.g. [email protected]