Representing West Coast farmers

The West Coast executive has responded to the geographic challenges of being long and narrow by regularly holding provincial meetings in outlying towns across the region. Four times a year it gets together to work through local and national issues from a farmer's perspective.

The province keeps a keen eye on district and regional council activities and on the local advocacy of environmental groups. West Coast is also keen to have fun and holds at least one social weekend a year.

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West Coast Province Contacts

Bede O'Connor

Meat & Wool Chair
M: 027 496 8105
E: [email protected]

Renee Rooney

Vice president
T: 03 738 0323
M: 027 365 6758
E: [email protected]

Andrew Stewart

Vice President and

T: 03 736 9695
M: 027 369 695
E: [email protected]

Christopher O'Malley

Sharemilkers' Section Chair
M: 027 538 2747
E: [email protected]

Frano Volckman

Dairy Chair
M: 027 337 3226
E: [email protected]

Simon Cameron

Meat & Wool Chair
M: 027 513 8701
E: [email protected]

Debbie Bland

T: 03 732 7016
M: 027 357 5970 
E: [email protected]
The Federated Farmers style for staff and elected officials’ email addresses is – first initial [email protected] e.g. [email protected]