Federated Farmers Employment Contracts are now digital

The Federated Farmers Employment Agreements are now available through the contract builder application

Federated Farmers has teamed up with PaySauce,  to offer a streamlined, digitized and easy-to-use contract builder allowing for simpler up-dates to all your employment contracts.

Click here to go direct to the contract builder .

What's so great about digital contracts?

Build, send, negotiate and finalise employment agreements without slogging through a stack of pages. It can take days for manual contracts to arrive on order, reach your prospective employee and finally be returned to you. A digital contract can be accessed, edited, sent and received instantly.

You won't have to cross out unneeded clauses or sections, just cleanly removing the parts that don't apply. On the other hand, the app won't let you take out what's legally required, protecting you from compliance errors.

If you regularly hire for the same roles, you won't have to keep creating a new contract from scratch. You can save your go-to contracts as templates, and they’ll be all set for next time. And of course, the contract will cover the specifics of farming employment, with accommodation terms, standard job descriptions, roster-based work schedules and operational allowances. convenience of a digital system.

And here's the real kicker: employee details from the Contract Builder are automatically imported into PaySauce payroll. Essential employee details, contract type, hours, payment info, accommodation, tool or vehicle allowances will be set up for you. Two birds, one stone.

Do I have to be with PaySauce or Federated Farmers?

Nope! You'll create a basic account with an email and password, but you don't have to join Federated Farmers. You're not subscribing or committing - just grabbing a contract. On the other hand, Federated Farmers members will score a major discount.

You don't have to sign up for PaySauce Payroll either; the Contract Builder is a separate tool that's just hosted on the PaySauce platform. No strings attached!

Onboarding can be expensive, messy and time-consuming, but hiring good people is good business. We're here to help you get to the good part.

How do I access the Contract Builder?


  • Register as a New Customer (or sign in for existing PaySauce customers)
  • Make sure to include your Federated Farmers membership number in your company details so you get the discounted rate!
  • Select to get More Apps and choose the Federated Farmers Contract Builder
  • Return to your dashboard and start building your contract.