Reference and Resources

Federated Farmers: 0800 327 646 
Civil Defence alerts and updates: Canterbury CDEM Group | Canterbury CDEM ( 
Road Closure info: Traffic map ( 
River flow data: River flow data | Environment Canterbury ( 
Local Civil Defence/Council contact details: Contact us | Canterbury CDEM ( 
Animal Welfare: 0800 00 83 33
Rural Support Trust: 0800 787 254

Registration for Clean-up Assistance

If you are in a crisis situation please call Rural Support Trust on 0800 787 254

If you are ready for assistance from volunteer help on farm - please register your needs below.

Your registration will be passed onto coordinators matching volunteers with farmers needing help.

You may be contacted by coordinators as part of a farm recovery assessment to gain a further understanding of what support will be required to aid recovery.

Offers of Assistance Register

We are taking registrations for those interested in helping or offers of support for Flood-affected farmers. We will send you updates via text and email so please provide at least one of these so we can keep you updated.

Federated Farmers and the farmers affected are hugely grateful for your offer to support the farmers of Canterbury.

Coordination teams from across Industry are working hard to establish recovery needs and prioritisation. Please be patient as we work with farmers on timeframes suitable for them.

Feed and Grazing

The Feed and Grazing Coordination service is available to register if you need feed or grazing or if you have feed or grazing for sale or donation. Please follow the appropriate link below. If you need assistance with these forms please call 0800 327 646 option 3

This is a willing buyer - willing seller match system. Please note, access to donated feed is not a given and will prioritised to those farmers in crisis situations.

To register with the Feed Coordinators for support finding feed - please complete the form here and someone will be in contact with you. 

To register with the Feed Coordinators for support finding grazing - please complete the form here and someone will be in contact with you. 

If you have feed to donate or sell, you register using this form here.

If you have grazing available, register using this form here.


With the flooding across the South Island and the prolonged dry conditions prior to this, we are needing feed and grazing for those impacted by the weather events of 2021
This fund has been set up to help support the region's farmers and growers to recover from the recent flooding event.
MPI have released the criteria for the 4 million dollar fund today. The details are below:
If you or your neighbour (or someone else you know) have been affected by the floods but are yet to be contacted by someone to do a Rural Recovery Interview in the last 10 days

Farmy Army


Resources & Factsheets

The full effects of the recent flooding are yet to be seen, and this fact sheet sets out some of the general themes to be aware of in the short- to medium-term.