Employment Guides

Public Holidays

Posted on 30/03/2021
Employment flowchart for working out employee entitlements on public holidays. Includes information about Easter & ANZAC Day 2021.

Employer Handbook

Posted on 19/02/2021
The Employer Handbook is a guide to assist you when employing someone on the Individual Employment Agreement.

Waitangi Day 2021

Posted on 5/02/2021
FEDSNEWS article: the seven items you need to know about rights for employees and obligations for employers

Mondayisation of Public Holidays

Posted on 16/12/2020
Employment flowchart to work out whether the holiday is the calendar date or mondayised.

Abandonment of Employment

Posted on 16/12/2020
Employment flowchart for the process on abandonment of employment.

Disciplinary Investigation Process

Posted on 16/12/2020
Employment Flowchart for the disciplinary investigation process.

90 Day Trial Periods

Posted on 31/08/2020
Factsheet regarding 90 Day Trial Periods