2021/2022 initiative is now closed. 

Supporting farmers who are supporting Kiwis. 

Employing new staff?
Recruit NEW TO SECTOR or support those impacted by COVID or seeking employment. 

Please note our contract eligibility has changed. If you have employed someone new to sector this year, you can retrospectively apply for this support. 

We are encouraging farmers to hire NZ employees - new to the agri-sector, impacted by Covid-19 or job seekers to long-term employment.

Federated Farmers is working with the Ministry of Social Development to get more Kiwis into work on the land.
Federated Farmers is going the extra mile providing employment contracts and have teamed up with Kiwi owned and operated Kaiwaka Clothing to provide gear to those new to the farming sector.
Our stocks are limited so it's first-in first-served. 

What do you get?

After working through the process outlined below, the cost of the Employment contract will be refunded and the Farm-Wear Starter Kit will be sent to you for your new employee. 
An order form will be provided as part of this process - on completion the order will be forwarded to our teammates at Kaiwaka who will prepare and dispatch your Kit.
The package can be tailored to for General Farmers (Arable, Sheep and Beef, or Deer) or Dairy Farmers, male or female. Below is an outline of what's included. 


  • Federated Farmers Employment Contract, 
  • Wet weather gear (rain jacket, beanie, socks, thermal, weather-shield hoodie and bib overalls),
  • Farm wear (apron, milking sleeves, overalls and gumboots).
  • Helmet,
  • FMG wool beanie. 

Arable, Sheep and Beef, Deer

  • Federated Farmers Employment Contract, 
  • Wet weather gear (rain jacket and over-trousers),
  • Farm wear (oilskin vest, gumboots, beanie, socks, thermal, weather shield hoodie, soft-shell jacket, and long sleeve shirt),
  • Helmet,
  • FMG wool beanie.


Step 1


Find the person you want to employ

Before following these steps you need to have found the person you want to employ. If you have not then save this page and head to www.jobs-during-covid.workandincome.govt.nz  and advertise your vacancy.


Step 2


Get the employment contract

If you haven't already, buy a contract (here) and use Promotional Code MSD. As stocks are limited we cannot reserve a pack until you complete step 3.

Note: we will credit/reimburse you the cost of the contract upon completion of Step 3 excluding service fee:

*Digital copy service fee is $25.00
*Hardcopy service fee (includes shipping and handling) is $15.00

NB/ This offer is only available to members whose first paid day of work is after 30 June 2021.




Step 3

Fill out the form

You will need to fill out and submit the form (here) which will include details such as size, clothing preference and will have space for uploading proof of the signed contract. 

Filling out this form will let our team know:

A) that you have already found an employee from outside of the Ag sector, who is a New Zealand resident, is a suitable applicant for the job and you will have their details (such as their IRD number). 
B) You are already a member of Federated Farmers. 
C) That you have submitted the order for receiving the package (which includes farm wear and wet weather gear). 
D) to credit the cost of the contract back to you, excluding the service fee. 

PLEASE NOTE -  this process is subject to audit by Ministry of Social Development. By submitting your application you agree to this process and verification of the information you supplied. Your employee will need to provide their consent. 


Step 4

We sort out the rest.

Sit back, relax. You have done your bit, we will take care of it from here. We will send you an order confirmation with a reference number for subsequent queries about your order. 


Step 5


Your gear arrives

We will deliver to your door - expect a parcel from Kaiwaka. Delivery should occur between 5-14 days from the date of order. Please note that rural delivery times may vary.

Go to www.getkiwisonfarm.nz for our FAQ's

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