Wool Summit leads to greater direction
Key players in New Zealand’s wool industry are to form a new coordinating group to better tell wool’s story, says Federated Farmers.

At this week’s Wool Summit in Wellington there was a real sense of urgency to get cooperation and momentum, says Miles Anderson, Federated Farmers Meat & Wool Industry Group Chairperson.

New Zealand wool producers have been under pressure, particularly in the last two years as prices for strong wool hit record lows.

Miles says the time for wool is now given how environmentally aware the greater community has become.

"Wool offers an environmentally friendly product as opposed synthetics - oil based products which release micro-plastics into the environment."

Several working groups have previously unraveled, but the mentality and commitment that now exists in the industry shows an understanding of what has to be done for this industry to compete and thrive.

"Wool producers have been able to survive during some trying times. They’ve done that with tenacity and a keen business sense which the working group should be able to draw from."

A huge thank you to the Minister of Agriculture Damien O’Connor who initiated the summit, says Miles.
"His continued support is crucial for success and hopefully this summit has provided the momentum needed to cast off for a vibrant future."