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Our employment agreements are the industry standard and have been developed by farmers for farmers with all the requisite legal backing.

Casual employment engagements are intermittent and irregular periods of employment where the employee is only called in as and when required. Each time a casual employee is engaged, it is a stand-alone period of employment that comes to an end with no on-going expectation of employment or income. If at any time the employment shows a regular pattern of days, hours or income, it is likely that the relationship should be considered permanent employment.

Updated November 2022 as requested by our members and worked through by our contracts committee on:

  • Before term, start of term and end of term check lists so both parties are able to check they are ready at a glance.
  • Feds best practice clauses.
  • Itemised rubberware clause.
  • Updated clauses on the roles of parties for keeping all effluent, fertiliser and animal records.
  • Improved capital development clause.
  • Expanded clauses on tenancy, accommodation insurance and employee of the contractor house inspection requirements.

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