Variable Order Sharemilking Agreement - Over 300 Cows

Image of the Variable Order Sharemilking agreement - over 300 cows

Records the terms and conditions agreed to when the sharemilker is not providing the cows. This agreement is only available for herds with a minimum size over 300 cows, with the current 300 cow rule in the Sharemilking Act.

Latest Version: December 2023.

The agreement was completely rewritten in November 2022 for a new era of sharefarming, ensuring compliance with the latest tenancy act, RMA, and water legislation.

  • An optional financial backstop has been included to protect the sharemilker should milk prices suddenly drop with an optional guaranteed minimum return clause (like the Contract Milking Agreement) which provides a guaranteed minimum remuneration to cover the basic costs of the sharemilker in extreme events.
  • Before term, start of term and end of term check lists so both parties are able to check they are ready to go at a glance
  • The majority of the clauses mirror the contract milking agreement, making it an easy transition for those who have been using our contract milking agreement
  • Itemised rubberware clause
  • Updated clauses on the roles of parties for keeping all effluent, fertiliser and animal records
  • Improved capital development clause
  • Expanded clauses on tenancy, accommodation insurance and employee of the contractor house inspection requirements

Changes made in the current version (Dec 2023) include updated accommodation provisions, Freshwater Farm Plan clauses and the addition of Milk Quality/Farm Assurance Schemes and Dairy Company Shares items (previously supplied as an addendum).

Set of 2x booklets.

Also available as a personalised PDF. Order here: PDF Contract Order Form ( or call on 0800 327 646.


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