The arable industry is a small, but vital part of New Zealand’s primary industries.  Traditionally, the arable industry focused on production of cereal crops (wheat, barley and maize) and rye grass seed, but in recent years to optimise profitability and productivity, the industry has diversified to include production of other cereal grain crops, specialist small seed and vegetable crops, forage brassicas, and seed for multiplication.  New Zealand’s weed, pest and disease free status means that arable farmers are world leaders in seed production for multiplication onto the international market.  Growers of cereal grains supply 25 per cent of wheat used to produce New Zealand bread, all beer made in New Zealand is produced using domestically produced malting barley.  Growers also produce a significant amount of feed which goes into the livestock industry and also produce all the pasture grasses used by this sector. According to the BERL report, the arable industry contributed $737m to GDP in 2015.

The views of members of the Arable Industry Group are represented by the Industry Group Council (consisting of Arable Chairpersons from most Federated Farmers provinces), an elected Executive and Chairperson.  Federated Farmers Arable focuses on developing sensible policy to influence local, regional and central Government, wider industry and community groups.  Activities of recent years include:

  • Biosecurity including velvetleaf, pea weevil and blackgrass responses, and submitting on draft Import Health Standards of interest
  • Ensuring that the fire permitting for crop residue burning is fit for purpose and meets the needs of all parties involved
  • Seed certification
  • Review of the Plant Variety Rights Act
  • Arable Industry Promotion.

To contact a member of the Executive, Council or Industry Group Policy Advisor please click here.

Arable Industry Group News

Arable Awards

Posted on 5/09/2023
The New Zealand Arable Awards celebrate the movers and shakers of New Zealand’s arable industry - and we need your help to shine the spotlight on these everyday heroes.

SCIS entries September 2023

Posted on 17/08/2023
With the launch of the Seed Certification Information System (SCIS) just around the corner, we would like to remind you of the following points:

Herbage Seedgrowers Winter meeting - Teams link

Posted on 10/08/2023
The Winter meeting of the Herbage Seed Growers Subsection of Federated Farmers of New Zealand is being held this afternoon (Thursday 10th August) 3.30pm

Arable Industry Policy Work

New-Season Farm Confidence Report - July 2023

Posted on 28/07/2023
This report summarises the July 2023 Federated Farmers’ New-Season Farm Confidence survey results. The survey is undertaken twice a year (January and July); this is the 29th iteration.

Mid-Season Farm Confidence Report - January 2023

Posted on 7/02/2023
This report summarises the January 2023 Federated Farmers’ Mid-Season Farm Confidence survey results. The survey is undertaken twice a year (January and July); this is the 28th iteration.


Newsletter to Participants in Certified Seed Production

Posted on 23/11/2021
Welcome to the first newsletter from the New Zealand Seeds Authority (NZSA).

Arable Reports

Arable Reports from the 2020 AGM

Posted on 4/08/2020


Red Clover Moth

Posted on 15/09/2022
The red clover Case Bearer moth has recently been found in Auckland and Canterbury - for more information see this factsheet

Keep it Clean: Machinery hygiene guidelines and logbook to prevent the spread of pests and weeds

Posted on 15/09/2022
Machinery hygiene guidelines and logbook to prevent the spread of pests and weeds

Velvetleaf Farm Management

Posted on 15/09/2022
MPI guide to Velvetleaf management

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