Representing Tararua farmers

Federated Farmers Tararua represents local farmers' views at one district council and one regional council, the Tararua District Council and Horizons Regional Council The main issues in our province are concerned with with rates and how they are calculated. Environmental issues, especially water quality, are also a key concern for the Tararua province. The Horizons Regional Council's One Plan, the regional policy statement and regional plan, have a major influence on the Tararua.

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The Muster 2020
9 July Makotuku
14 July Eketahuna
17 July Pongaroa

Provincial 2020 Papers

Provincial Post

Tararua Provincial Post

Posted on 2/07/2020

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Tararua Provincial Contacts

Neil Filer

T: 06 374 6445
M: 027 404 5787
E: neilorron@xtra.co.nz

Sally Dryland

T: 06 376 2740
M: 027 423 8997
E: sallyandchris@xtra.co.nz


Hamish Buchanan

Meat & Wool Chair
T: 06 3740 7903
E: monk.buchanan@gmail.com

Aaron Passey

Dairy Section Chair
T: 06 374 7793
M: 027 693 3951
E: passeyag@farmside.co.nz


Nick Bertram

Sharemilkers' Section Chair
M: 027 629 6610
E: kokotau_nick@hotmail.com

Sandra Cordell

Sharemilker Farm Owners' Section Chair
T: 06 374 4890
E: cordell@farmside.co.nz

Nick Perry

Treasurer/ Secretary
E: perry.paddocks@inspire.net.nz

Tammy Cooper
Territory Manager

T: 0800 327 646
M: 027 217 6744
The Federated Farmers style for staff and elected officials’ email addresses is – first initial surname@fedfarm.org.nz e.g. fdagg@fedfarm.org.nz