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Submission to the Waikato District Council on the proposed Livestock Movement Bylaw 2022

Posted on 6/12/2023
Federated Farmers have been in continuous communication throughout the consultation process. This has allowed us to help incorporate a matrix which will allow for more permitted road crossings for farmers within the district.

Federated Farmers appeal to the Rotorua Lakes Council- 2021 Representation Review

Posted on 21/12/2021
Federated Farmers is appealing the final decision of the Rotorua Lakes Council (RLC) representation review because RTFF does not believe it provides fair and effective representation for rural communities of interest in the RLC. As the final proposa

Federated Farmers submission to the Rotorua Lakes Council- 2022 Representation Review

Posted on 20/12/2021
Federated Farmers has submitted to the RLC on the "your choice" 2022 representation review. The farming community has felt on the outside of decision making and is facing the consequences.

Submission to the Hastings Representation Review 2021

Posted on 6/10/2021
Rural people value local democracy and Federated Farmers submitted that elected representation on the Hastings District Council is vital, and supported the retention of the ward-basis for elections. We are not opposed to the increase in councillors

Submission to the Hawkes Bay Representation Review 2021

Posted on 6/10/2021
Federated Farmers submitted seeking to preserve the councillor for the Mohaka-Wairoa constituency, which is at risk because the removal of Maori Roll voters leaves only 5,691 General Roll voters left.