Meat & Wool

The Meat & Wool section is focused on achieving a profitable and sustainable meat and wool sector.

Members face a wide range of challenges: from increasingly discerning consumers, public focus on the environmental impacts of farming,  animal welfare and disease concerns,  to a changing health and safety and employment environment.

The Members of the Federated Farmers Meat & Wool industry group are represented by the Industry Group council consisting of the Meat & Wool chairpersons from each of our 24 provinces.

They are headed up by a five member executive and lead by the Meat & Wool chairperson.

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Meat & Wool Group News

Grab deals for your farm at the Bunnings Expo

Posted on 22/02/2024
Bunnings are having their annual Trade Expo and we’re encouraging farmers to get along and grab a deal.

Federated Farmers acknowledge anniversary of Cyclone Gabrielle

Posted on 14/02/2024
Today marks one year since Cyclone Garbielle struck the East Coast causing widespread damage across your farms and your communities.

PINZ 2024 - Help us celebrate farmer innovation

Posted on 13/02/2024
As rural professionals and those involved with management of farming assets, you'll no doubt know several examples of No. 8 wire innovations from humble people within your networks that go unnoticed beyond the farm gate.

Fill out the Federated Farmers & Rabobank Remuneration Survey - Win a $200 Prezzy Card

Posted on 13/02/2024
We need your help gathering accurate information about pay rates across the dairy, sheep & beef, and arable sectors to inform our 2024 Farm Salaries Report

Check out our new podcast

Posted on 1/02/2024
Today we're launching our new podcast for Kiwi farmers to stay up to date with the latest news and views shaping the future of farming in New Zealand.

Meat & Wool Policy Work

New-Season Farm Confidence Report - July 2023

Posted on 28/07/2023
This report summarises the July 2023 Federated Farmers’ New-Season Farm Confidence survey results. The survey is undertaken twice a year (January and July); this is the 29th iteration.

Submission on Stock Exclusion Regulations 2020

Posted on 18/07/2023
Beef + Lamb New Zealand (B+LNZ), Federated Farmers of New Zealand, and Deer Industry New Zealand (DINZ) welcome the opportunity to make a joint submission on the Resource Management (Stock Exclusion) Regulations 2020.

Mid-Season Farm Confidence Report - January 2023

Posted on 7/02/2023
This report summarises the January 2023 Federated Farmers’ Mid-Season Farm Confidence survey results. The survey is undertaken twice a year (January and July); this is the 28th iteration.

New-Season Farm Confidence Report - July 2022

Posted on 28/09/2022
This report summarises the July 2022 Federated Farmers’ New-Season Farm Confidence survey results. The survey is undertaken twice a year (January and July); this is the 27th iteration.


Regional Stock Burial Rules

Posted on 15/09/2022
The below is a summary as at 20 July 2020, and it is based on our initial appraisal...

Southland and Otago Winter Feed Management Toolkit

Posted on 15/09/2022
This toolkit has been prepared to give farmers options to minimise the impact of the wet 2019-2020 season

Animal Welfare Regulations October 1 2018 Factsheet

Posted on 15/09/2022
A list of all the regulations that come into effect on October 1st 2018 and cover cattle, sheep, deer, goats and dogs are available in this fact sheet.

Velvetleaf Farm Management

Posted on 15/09/2022
MPI guide to Velvetleaf management

Mycoplasma Bovis Resources

Posted on 15/09/2022

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